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Thanks to our knowledge of the distribution channels and legal requirements in both territories, as well as our expertise in logistics and new technologies, we have used import-export in a way that allows us to continue to share, maintain family proximity and build our dreams together... six hours away. 


Our father's childhood drink that he could no longer get on the other side, gifts for special occasions that we didn't want to miss, or the moving of furniture and large quantities of goods: the reliable, traceable and ecologically sound delivery of stock has created an authentic and tangible bond between Switzerland and Thailand.


With SixAway, it is now at the benefit of Swiss and Thai people wishing to get closer to their people, share with them on a continuous basis and realize their dreams together, that our family invests itself. 

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Shipment to Thailand

We offer reliable, professional and transparent transport services between  

Switzerland and Thailand.  


We are based in CH-2732 Loveresse and can collect your shipments throughout Switzerland thanks to our 360° logistics service.

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